Moving Tips

Moving & Relocation Tips

Moving & Relocation Tips

When moving into your new Destination you will have to place your goods away in right Place. can give you assistance relaxes in by emptying your cartons and eliminating the packing Stuffs. If you choose our service we will gratefully unwrap your packed stuffs and eliminate all packing materials from your new Destination.

  • Write down everything you’ll thank yourself In future. Earlier you pack even one box.

  • Confirm that you know all the terms and conditions of your agreement

  • If you plan to do your own stuffing start in advance of your moving date.

  • Leave one box open and label it “Unpacked First” for items you require immediately upon your arrival at your new Destination.

  • Fragile stuffs such as mirrors & glassware, should be handled & packed with extra care for zero ratio of damage.

  • Open Liquids shouldn’t be transported as they can leak and cause damaged to your shipment.

  • Pack weighty items in small boxes ( books, pots & small appliances in Different Size of Boxes)

  • Tag your boxes by the room you would like them moved accordingly.

  • Mark the top and sides of all Boxes with your name and destination in Bold.

  • Set up a precise area in your household for all items not to be shipped and inform your movers About This Area.

  • Ensure about Arrangements That all your major appliances disconnected and serviced before your moving Time.

  • Switched Off your refrigerator and freezer the day before moving.

  • Dispose of all highly flammables Items such as matches, fuels & tanks before your moving Time.

  • It is essential to empty dresser drawers and eliminates all fragile items and fluids.

  • Special take Care of your currency & jewelry and important documents with you.

  • Bring your “personal phone book” and “mobile” with you . may need to make important calls during your Movement.

  • Consult your Moving Contractor 2 to 3 days before move to settle and review all final details of your move.

  • Review the list of your goods e.g. list Of objects & boxes with your Vehicle In charge and their condition at the time of loading.

  • Ensure & confirm with Moving Staff That all items have been removed .

  • Provide an alternative contact number to Moving Staff head in case you cannot be reached in your new home timely.

  • Check your List of goods & Items with the Vehicles in charge as your goods are unloaded properly and Make sure any misplaced items are recognized and removed from the Vehicle before the crew leave.